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Before opening your slime, poke it with one finger to make sure it isn't too sticky for you. Making your activator before playing with your slime can prevent a mess if it is!

Butter slime is made with slime and air dry clay. If you play with it for long periods of time (over 30 minutes), it may dry up. Make sure to keep it in an air tight container when it is not being used!

How to Make Activator: 
Mix 1 tsp of the provided borax with 1 cup of warm water. Mix the solution until it dissolves.
***Keep it in case your slime gets sticky!

How to Play with Slime:
It's important to handle slime quickly! It's very sticky since the main ingredient is glue.  We recommend playing with slime on a clean table with CLEAN HANDS. Slime will stick to sweaty/dirty hands. (Video Coming Soon)

My Butter Slime is...
...hard? Adding lotion or milky slime (if you have it available) will help!
...still hard? If your butter slime has dried up, there is no way to fix it. :-( Remember to keep it in an air tight container!
...sticking to the container? Leaving it out for a little while or adding little drops of activator will help!
...sticky? Adding LITTLE DROPS of activator at a time will help! If you add to much, it will ruin your slime, so be careful! It will get lumpy as you add more activator, but will become smooth again after kneading.
...still sticky? Adding a small amount of a thicker slime or leaving it out for a little while will help!
...coming off on my hands? It is normal for our black butter slime to come off on your hands, get under your nails, or the surface your using. To remove it, you can quickly press on the area it is stuck on & it will come off! 

*****Remember to keep your slime away from clothes, carpets, and furniture!   

If these tips don't help you, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the Contact button located on the bottom right corner.