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Before opening your slime, poke it with one finger to make sure it is not too sticky for you. Making your activator before you play with your slime can prevent a mess if it is!

*****We send out some of our slimes a little sticky. Simply add activator until you are satisfied with the texture! (Remember: the stickier it is, the stretchier it is) 

How to Make Activator:  
For slimes, mix 1 tsp of the provided borax with 1 cup of warm water. Mix the solution until it dissolves. 
For floams, mix 1/2 tsp of the provided borax with 1 cup of warm water. Mix the solution until it dissolves. 
***Keep it in case your slime gets sticky!

How to Play with Slime:
It's important to handle slime quickly! It's very sticky since the main ingredient is glue.  We recommend playing with slime on a clean table with CLEAN HANDS. Slime will stick to sweaty/dirty hands. (Video Coming Soon)

My slime is...
...not fluffy? Adding a little shaving cream, foaming hand soap, or foaming face wash will help!
...hard? Adding lotion will help. You can also microwave your slime in 5 second increments. If it is over-activated, try soaking your slime in warm water.
...sticky? Adding SMALL AMOUNTS of activator will help! If you add to much, it can ruin your slime, so be careful! If it is lumpy after activating, just knead until smooth.
...still sticky? Not all of my slimes are meant to be holdable! Some slimes are meant to be played with on surfaces. If it is sticking to your fingers, try poking and handling it quickly.
...foam beads are falling out? For slimes made with white glue (pineapple express), it is normal for beads to fall out if you rip the slime! For floams, the beads will fall out if you add too much activator.  
...shrinking? It is normal for slime to shrink/evaporate if left alone for a while!

*****Remember to keep your slime away from clothes, carpets, and furniture! 
If these tips don't help you, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the Contact button located on the bottom right corner.